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Universus: My Hero Academia - Set 1 Booster Pack

Universus: My Hero Academia - Set 1 Booster Pack

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Universus: My Hero Academia - Set 1 brings the dynamic world of heroes and villains from the hit anime series to the Universus Trading Card Game. With a diverse roster of characters, powerful Quirks, and intense battles, players can recreate their favorite moments and forge their own path to heroism. Whether you're a fan of the series or a trading card game enthusiast, this set offers thrilling gameplay, strategic depth, and the chance to become the ultimate hero or villain in the world of My Hero Academia.

Contents include: 

  • 1 pack containing 10 cards - 1 Rare/Ultra Rare, 3 Uncommons and 6 commons. Extra Rare foil cards and foil stamped cards will occupy the Uncommon Card slot within the pack. 
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