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RNT Ancient Knowledge - Purchase

RNT Ancient Knowledge - Purchase

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Heirs to an exceptional knowledge that has survived the ages, it is now up to you to preserve the vestiges of your civilization. Ancient Knowledge is a strategic card game in which you erect monuments and build artifacts to pass on your knowledge. Time will make your constructions ephemeral, so make the right decisions and combine the many cards at your disposal, because all knowledge is doomed to disappear... You are the oldest builders of this world, the last heirs of an illustrious civilization. Use your knowledge to ensure that its greatness endures over time! Optimize the synergy of your cards and build amazing monuments to commemorate the glory of your civilization. Earn maximum victory points and prove yourself worthy of your famous ancestors. From the Mexican pyramids to the Sphinx of Giza, passing through the famous cities of Tiwanaku and Babylon, only the most skillful of builders will be able to cross the ages and achieve victory. Acquire new technology. Create the best combinations. Transmit your knowledge before your monuments disappear otherwise all lost knowledge will be penalized at the end of the game. At the end of each turn, all your monuments must slide to the left on your game board, gradually declining, until they reach the past, making you regret all that lost knowledge. When a player has at least 14 monuments in his past, the game ends. Will your monuments stand the test of time?

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