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Digimon: Starter Deck - (ST16) Wolf of Friendship

Digimon: Starter Deck - (ST16) Wolf of Friendship

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Forge unbreakable bonds with the Digimon Starter Deck - (ST16) Wolf of Friendship, an exciting introduction to the world of the Digimon trading card game. This pre-constructed deck features the loyal Wolf of Friendship and its allies, ready to stand by your side in battle. Embrace the power of friendship, lead your Digimon team with loyalty, and embark on thrilling adventures in the digital realm


  • 54 playable cards total:
    • 26 Commons
    • 16 Uncommons
    • 10 Rares
    • 2 Super Rares
  • 4 Index Cards
  • 2 Memory Gauges
  • 1 Double Sided Paper Playsheet
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