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Faire (Hands Craft)

Hands Craft: 3D Paper Puzzle - Macaw

Hands Craft: 3D Paper Puzzle - Macaw

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3D paper puzzles are a great activity for kids who want a creative outlet. These puzzles challenge you to take two-dimensional pieces and create a three-dimensional model. Perfect as an indoor activity and a group activity!

  • 💎 [HIGH QUALITY] These paper puzzles are made from high-quality chipboard. About 1.5mm thick, it is as thick as about 12 sheets of typical printer paper. The chipboard is smooth, durable, and minimally flexible to prevent creasing and folding.
  • 🧩 [EASY TO ASSEMBLE] Put this 3D Macaw parrot paper puzzle together with no scissors and no glue required. Pieces are easy to punch-out from laser-cut chipboard and can be put together in about 15-30 minutes. Instructions included.
  • 🎨 [CREATIVE PAPER ART ACTIVITY] Encourage kids to turn ordinary paper into an interesting 3D model while practicing their cognitive and fine motor skills.
  • 8️⃣ Recommended for ages 8+
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