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Digimon: (EX05) Animal Colosseum Booster Pack

Digimon: (EX05) Animal Colosseum Booster Pack

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Prepare for a wild competition in the digital arena with Digimon (EX05) Animal Colosseum, the latest expansion set in the Digimon trading card game series. Featuring a menagerie of animal-inspired Digimon and their fierce competitors, this expansion introduces a thrilling array of new cards adorned with captivating artwork and powerful abilities. Train your team, unleash your inner beast, and dominate the colosseum in Digimon (EX05) Animal Colosseum.

  • Each English Booster Pack contains 12 cards
  • 1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs
  • Each English box contains a 3rd Anniversary Update Pack
  • Each English box contains a Limited Card Set Ver 2
  • Rarity
    • Common: 22 types
    • Uncommon: 20 types
    • Rare: 18 types
    • Super Rare: 12 types
    • Secret Rare: 2 types
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