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BeyBlade Burst Pro Series Super Hyperion

BeyBlade Burst Pro Series Super Hyperion

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Compete with the elite using the authentic Japanese-inspired Beyblade Burst Pro Series battle system! Beyblade Burst Pro Series tops, launchers, and Pro Series Beystadium offer authentic components and battle performance features. This BeyLauncher allows for quick launch with no need to insert a ripcord. It easily converts between right and left spin configuration. Beyblade Burst Pro Series Super Hyperion String Launcher  Pack includes 1 Pro Series right/left-spin string launcher, sticker sheet, and 1 right-spin competitive battling top: Attack type Super Hyperion D06-PSK PR-29. Top includes die-cast metal parts for a heavy weight. Super Hyperion attack type top features attack ring, right-spin compatible double chassis, and rubber performance tip. Requires Beyblade Burst Pro Series Beystadium (sold separately, subject to availability).  Only compatible with Beyblade Burst Pro Series system. An Official Beyblade set and Beyblade arena by Hasbro make exciting kids gifts for Beyblade Burst fans and collectors. They’re the perfect kid toys for boys and girls.

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