What is MLEM: Space Agency?

What is MLEM: Space Agency?

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Our primary aim is to spread joy to as many people as possible. When we come across games that combine easy-to-learn gameplay with the ability to provide a fun experience for the whole family, we make it a point to share them. MLEM: Space Agency is a great option if you’re looking for a fun game with some strategy.

What is MLEM: Space Agency and why do we like it?

MLEM is all about pressing your luck and gaining rewards while traveling through space with your fellow catstronauts. You’re exploring planets looking for abilities which help you perform better in the game. Deciding to risk exploration or retreat to play it safely engages everyone and adds to the theme of the game. MLEM is well designed and has wonderful components like a game mat and the art is beautiful and hilarious.

From the Asmodee website “driven by push-your-luck mechanics implemented with dice rolling. Players put their ‘Catstronauts’ into a rocket and decide which special ability might help them in the current round. The decision is either to stay in and aim for outer space to get more points or to get off and play safe and hope the mission will fail."

MLEM is a press-your-luck game where you’re trying to get the most points. You get points by exploring planets and making the right choices when it comes to where you send your cats.

Deciding when to go onto a planet and when you should continue on adds a whole new level to space exploration. If you’re a fan of cats, space, or cats in space, this is a game that you will want to add to your library.

Using probability, your gut, and faith with cats in space - if you’re interested in the game you can BUY IT HERE!

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