Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Rexburg

Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Rexburg

What are the most fun things to do in Rexburg?

Rexburg. A small but growing college town. It’s a place with a lot of potential for entertainment. Despite its size, this growing town has a lot of life, presenting a dynamic opportunity of experiences for residents seeking exciting activities to fill their days. In this blog, we invite you to explore the hidden gems and vibrant attractions that make Rexburg, Idaho, a wonderful location to explore.

Many people who have moved here feel that there isn’t much fun to be had. They hang out with friends in their apartments and go to college to take part in activities. Luckily for them, we have a great list of places and activities that will blow your mind.

From the entertainment of board games to the wild encounters with bears, cinematic experiences, and natural retreats, our list unveils the top things to do in Rexburg. Whether you're a local in search of fresh adventures or a visitor eager to uncover the town's unique charm, Rexburg promises a delightful journey of discovery and entertainment.


1. Enjoy Games at Holidae Fun & Games!

A visual of Holidae Fun & Games store front.

Are you tired of lame date nights and FHE activities? So are we. That’s why our first suggestion is to head over to Holidae Fun & Games! They are a fantastic local board game store. They have a large play area where you can play all their hundreds of board games for free. If you want to play the games but don’t have time to play in the store you can rent them for a small fee.

Not only do they have games, but they also have lots of cool events where various gaming communities come together and compete or gather for a casual game. If you’re hungry or looking for an awesome treat you can order one of their crepes! They have savory and sweet flavors that you can eat,

Holidae Fun & Games is a great place to buy board games. They also have other presents for that person who you never know what to buy for them. This game store has anything you’d want for a fun night out. Check out the events calendar to see what they have coming up. Check out the reviews below to see what people are saying about this local spot.

“This place has so many options! Board games, puzzles, card games, dice, and Pokémon cards.

D&D things I myself don’t know much about dnd. They had a place to play any game you wanted during working hours! It was a great place.”


“If you haven’t been here, get here! What a fantastic place. We were hesitant to come at first but finally broke down. I regret not coming sooner. They have so many games. Different types for different ages that you can play FOR FREE. Easygoing and family-friendly. The rental fee for the games is beyond reasonable. The new cafe is AMAZING. Mark makes the best Nutella and strawberry crepes. The crepes are the way they are supposed to be and have the PERFECT amount of Nutella. Everyone is super friendly and my daughter who is not as geeky likes it because it is a very nonjudgmental place. Stop by on your next date night or family outing! You won’t regret it!!”

-J. B.

Holidae Fun & Games Rexburg

Location: 435 W 2nd S

Phone: (208) 346-3872


2. Explore A Safari at Yellowstone Bear World

The gates of Yellowstone Bear World.

If you’re looking for an outdoor experience that’s close to home we’d suggest checking out Yellowstone Bear World. It’s a great place to look at animals you don’t see and you could even feed a baby bear.

At Yellowstone Bear World you’re able to drive through a small safari of various animals. If you’re lucky they’ll even cross the road and give you a close-up look. The area is beautiful and it’ll give you a good idea of how the wildlife reacts to the area.

After the initial fun of driving past the wildlife, you’ll be lead to an area with a petting zoo. In this area, you can interact with lots of fun animals and you’ll even be able to get into a safe space with the workers and feed the baby bears. The bears are nice to people and they are adorable.

This part of Idaho might not seem like it has much, but this little safari adventure will give you memories that will last. See the reviews below for what people are saying about this place.

“Great place to see bears up close with the family! Feeding the bears on the ride was a blast and the bear cubs are adorable to sit and watch. The only down side was ordering food, which took 30 minutes to cook a burger and chicken strips. So order well in advance. Fun place!”


“Great place to spend the day with family and friends. There's fast food available to buy, there's a drive through the park with bison, bear, moose, and deer to see. There's the option to buy food and feed the fish or ducks and bottle feed the bears. There are also a couple of fun rides that are not too extreme. The rides are thrilling but not scary. We spent about five hours at the park.”


Yellowstone Bear World

Location: 6010 S 4300 W

Phone: (208) 359-9688

3. Take Flight at The Legacy Flight Museum

A plane from the Legacy Flight Museum.

The Legacy Flight Museum is an interesting attraction. Even though it isn’t open more than once a week it holds the potential to give you and anyone you bring a fun environment to explore and talk about. Created by antique flight enthusiast John Bagley this place exudes love and care for the old planes that used to light up the sky.

Planes! If you enjoy planes and especially old planes you have to check this place out! It’s a wonderful spot with antique planes, but also other old vehicles. They run test flights of old planes which gives you an idea behind the engineering of these magnificent machines.

Gaining an insight into older machinery gives us an appreciation for our modern technology and how far we have come. The Legacy Flight Museum gives you the chance to see some famous technology and aircraft such as:

  • Duplex-Cyclone Engine
  • Ole Yeller
  • Mormon Mustang
  • Boeing Stearman
  • Beechcraft Staggerwing
  • And much more

If you have any interest in this type of museum or want to see old technology this is the place for you. Check out the reviews below to learn more about what visitors have thought about this location.

“This little museum is a hidden gem!  What a great place for history!  Mr. Joe was so kind as he led us around and taught us all about airplanes and pilots. We loved it!”


“Fantastic little military air museum! Amazing engine cutaways showing the rotating systems. Restored and flying Mustangs, Harvards, etc. Super friendly people. The best $8 entry we've ever spent! Well worth the visit!”


Legacy Flight Museum

Location: 400 Airport Rd

Phone: (208) 359-5905


4. Enjoy Movies on a Budget at The Paramount 5 Theater

The Paramount 5 Theater store front.

Going to the movies has always been a classic experience for dates, family outings, or to enjoy getting out of the house on a lazy afternoon. Going out to the movies isn’t as popular as it used to be before 2020, but the Paramount 5 Theater stands the test of time as a staple in Rexburg Idaho.

Most movie theaters have become super expensive places. It can cost a lot of money for the price of admission. That doesn’t even include the cost of snacks and drinks. The Paramount 5 Theater stands out because of its lower prices and service.

Grab your movie tickets, popcorn, and a drink and you can enjoy the whole movie experience with a date for less than $20 as long as you aren’t buying a ton of snacks. Even though the price is lower than most modern theaters they don’t compromise on the quality of their movies either. Paramount 5 is showing all the newest movies.

This theater is a fun experience on a budget. Be sure to check it out next time you’re looking for a fun date spot or family outing. Their service is great and they keep the place clean for their patrons. Check out the reviews to learn more from the locals.

“Staff were very friendly and helpful to me. The lobby inside was filled with smoke and the smell of burnt popcorn but I wasn't bothered by it. The screens are large and the quality is good. The seats are basic but you get what you pay for. I bring in my own blanket and have had no trouble doing so. Food is still up there price-wise. The large drink was $3.50 and was the size of a McDonald's medium. I have been before where the movie didn't work but was given 2 free movie tickets in return, so no complaints there. Great for college students or families on a budget.”


“The line was able to purchase by ticket really fast. The tickets were also really cheap and surprisingly the candy was really cheap too because I only spent $6.50 on both. If I had one thing to technically complain about, it would be the noisy people who were seated behind me who wouldn't stop talking the entire movie but that is not the theater staff's fault. Overall I would say my experience was pretty great and it was money well spent even on a budget.”


Paramount 5 Theater

Location: 38 S Center St

Phone: (208) 356-7469

5. Jump into nature at the Cress Creek Nature Park

An image of the Cress Creek Nature Trail.

Rexburg can get pretty cold, but when the weather is nice and you want to get outdoors hiking is something you can enjoy in the Rexburg area. Out of all the hikes we would suggest the Cress Creek Nature Park.

It’s a well-paved path that is clean and the area is all maintained to a high standard. There are many paths you can follow which will lead you to easy paths for the family or you can go off the beaten path and climb high.

Whether it’s the spring, summer, fall, or winter you’ll find a fantastic spot to enjoy the outdoors. Be careful as you go out to travel as you don’t want to get injured while hiking. The area is safe from dangerous animals, but the paths can be slippery or icy during the colder times of the year.

We love the variety of the area and know that you’ll enjoy it as well. Look at these reviews below to see why people love the Cress Creek Nature Park.

“It was a great place to hike. The trail was fairly clear of garbage, sticks, and rocks. I was able to take my dog out there and it was a perfect trail for it. The water was fun to walk along.

The hike isn’t too long but is a couple of miles back and forth. There were a bunch of beavers in the water so that was pretty cool. You have to go at the right time. Sometimes there are a bunch of people on the trail and it can get a little crowded.”


    “Nice and easy trail, part of it paved and the other part graveled. Pretty views of the Snake River and lots of look-outs. Easy to do with children and families.”


    Cress Creek Nature Trail

    Location: 11760-11894 S Snake River Rd


    Rexburg has many fantastic destinations waiting to be explored by residents and visitors alike. With a bit of research and creating a plan, this small town reveals a lot of exciting activities that cater to diverse interests throughout the year. Whether you're drawn to the cozy atmosphere of board game nights at Holidae Fun & Games, the wild adventures at Yellowstone Bear World, the nostalgic movie experience of the Paramount 5, the aviation wonders at Legacy Flight Museum, or the relaxing trails of Cress Creek Nature Park, Rexburg invites you to create lasting memories in every season.

    Rexburg extends a warm invitation to enjoy its rich tapestry of experiences. For more detailed information on each highlighted spot, you can find helpful links embedded within their respective sections. As you embark on your journey through our town, we hope you find joy and fulfillment in the diverse array of activities Rexburg offers. Enjoy every moment!

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